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With just a quick search in booking, you realize that the prices of hostels in Melbourne that are moderately well rated are somewhat more expensive than what is found in Brisbane. perfect Hotels in MELBOURNE

It must also be said that I was at Christmas and that, often, I reserved from one day to the next. On December 31, in the morning, without reservation, I paid the highest price I have ever paid for a shared room, $ 36

I stayed in four different hotels, all close to the center, although there are also some great-looking options in the St. Kilda area.

Whether you decide on one of the hostels in this post, or another, you can reserve it through: Reservations Booking.

The prices for you will be the same, but I will be super grateful because it helps me a lot to continue with this project. Also, think that to write these article you have to be changing hostels every day and … it’s a big role xD

1. Greenhouse Backpacker Melbourne.

The one with the best score of the four. And in which I spent a couple of very expensive nights right at the end and beginning of the year, but on the 31st in the morning, without having a reservation anywhere, it was the only one with a reasonable price.

The reception is on the sixth floor of a building and the rooms are on the lower floors. It has a large common room, with tables, outlets and a couple of armchairs. The kitchen is spacious and well equipped.

The room I stayed in was fine. Two bunks, both separated by a wall. The bottom bed was bigger than the top one and they all had their own light but no plug. perfect Hotels in MELBOURNE

The least I liked was the breakfast, just a choice of cereals (special K type), toast and strawberry jam.

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2. Europe Melbourne.

Also very central and, for me, the best option in terms of quality/price. It has a very good atmosphere, with a little partying.

I like that inside each bathroom there is a shower and a sink with a mirror and plug. That seems silly, but for those of us who shave with an electric razor it comes in handy. They also give you a towel.

In the rooms, there is a wardrobe for each bed to which you can put a lock. In addition, each bed also has curtains, thus giving you more privacy and all have their own light and plug. The truth is that it is difficult to wake up before 9:30, which is when the included breakfast ends. perfect Hotels in MELBOURNE

The breakfast is the best, with pancakes you can make yourself, assorted cereals, toast with jam and orange juice.

The washing machine costs $ 4 and the dryer about $ 1 every 10 minutes.

What I do not like:

The wifi only works in the common rooms and often goes very slow. If you have to work, the best thing to do is stop by the State Victoria Library.

The kitchen is very small for the people there, but when I left they were finishing another one in the lower part, much more spacious and comfortable.

It does not have a room where you can leave your luggage when you leave the room but you will still be in town for a few more hours. Only a few lockers are paid.

Still, it is the one I like the most of the four I stayed in.

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3. Melbourne City Backpacker

It is next to the Southern Cross Station, which is where you arrive from the airport with the Skybus. A good option to stay if you have an early morning flight.

The common area is acceptable, with tables, outlets, and some armchairs but somewhat small. There is a good atmosphere and they have things like “pasta with tomato for dinner” one day a week to socialize.

I stayed in a six-person room which is a mess and smells awful. You can tell that there are many people who live in the hostel. The prices per week are $ 217 in a four-person room and $ 203 in a six-person room. The bottom beds are literally on the floor. There is no plugin for each bed but it does have an individual light. perfect Hotels in MELBOURNE

They only have 500 MB of the internet a day !!

The bathrooms are not very good either.

I think it is a hostel that is not worth comparing it with others of the same price. What I liked the most about this place is that it has a mini travel agency next to the reception, in which the French girl who works there is very nice and told me a lot of things about Tasmania.

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4. Nomads Melbourne Backpackers

A chain of hostels with pretty good options in many cities. The Melbourne one is a stone’s throw from Queen Victoria Market.

I stayed in a 6 person room. Quite normal room, no curtains, no plug next to each bed.

The common area is basically a bar downstairs, with a couple of pool tables, tables, and some couches. The night I spent in this hostel there was also live music.

The toilets and showers are not bad. The showers on the one hand and the bathrooms with the sink, mirror, and plug, on the other, in individual units. Similar to the ones in Europa Melbourne.

The kitchen is very small and for breakfast, they make pancakes (pancakes) but the only morning I spent there was only one girl making them and the line was so long that I preferred to have something else for breakfast.

It has an outside area with tables that look very good to sit down for breakfast in good weather.

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These are all the hostels that I have stayed in in the city and of which I have a first-hand opinion, but there are many more. As always, comments are welcome and can help more travelers. So if you have stayed in another or have a different opinion about the previous ones, I would appreciate your comment. perfect Hotels in MELBOURNE

And for when you have the accommodation fixed, here are also 20 things to see and do in Melbourne.

Welcome to wonderful Melbourne!

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