How to find cheap flights? Best Guide and tips For You

Finding a cheap, nonstop flight without arriving at your destination at three in the morning can be a headache. To help you, we leave you with a series of general tips and a guide to get the best deals on my favorite flight search engine, Skyscanner.

Tips for finding cheap flights

1. Don’t leave it to the last minute

As a general rule, advance notice works in your favor. It is true that you can find bargains a few days before, but it is not usual.

There are also studies that say that the best prices are between one and two months before the flight or that it is cheaper during the week.

2. Take into account nearby airports

Sometimes you can find real bargains by choosing your arrival airports well. Especially when you want to travel around Europe. Cities like London, Paris or Rome have several airports and, depending on which one you fly to, the journey can be much cheaper.

For example, on a trip to Amsterdam, leaving from Madrid, the cheapest ticket cost € 80 one way only and arriving at night. We found out that Brussels cost € 15. Both cities are 3 hours away by bus, they leave from the airport and, with Ommio, it cost us € 10.99. The trip was long, but we arrived in the afternoon and were able to take advantage of part of the day. And save more than € 50! find cheap flights

3. Try to keep the dates flexible

The more flexibility you have in choosing the dates, the better.

If, for example, you are clear that you are going to buy a flight to Rome in September, you can see the prices for the whole month and choose the cheapest one. Below I will tell you about a very useful tool that Skyscanner has to do in a very simple way.

4. If you don’t care where to go, the cheaper flights will be

If the availability of dates helps, having several more destinations still.

But be careful, you do not have to obsess about getting the cheapest ticket without taking other expenses into account. Even if you find flights to New York cheaper than to Bangkok, those savings will be nothing if you take into account the standard of living in both cities.

5. Use VPN

As incredible as it may seem, the price of the flights may be different, depending on where you buy it from! Yes, discrimination outright. For this, you can use applications known as VPN (Virtual Private Network) that what they do is that the search engine believes that you are in another place.

Try to buy the flight “from the country of destination”, although it does not always work, it is a matter of trying. This simple trick can save you money on your next trip

It also serves for more things. For example, when I lived in Australia I realized that, from my own Netflix account, there were series that I could not watch in Spanish when in Spain I could. And it was because of this! find cheap flights

6. Do not mix companies within the same route

It is one thing to travel there and back with different airlines and another to buy two separate tickets with a stopover in between. For example, to travel to Australia, I bought a flight from Madrid to Bangkok with Aeroflot. And then another from Bangkok to Gold Coast with Air Asia.

This can be very dangerous! Because in the event that the first one is canceled or delayed and you don’t get to get on the next plane, you lose it directly. If you do this make sure you have plenty of time on the scale. I did it because I stayed a few days in Thailand.
Another thing is that, on a stopover trip, one of the flights is operated by another company. From New Zealand I bought a ticket to Madrid with China Southern: Auckland – Guangzhou – Amsterdam – Madrid. The last leg was operated by KLM and, due to a delay in China, I lost connection. In that case, there is no need to worry. KLM automatically put us on the next flight.

7. Roundtrip is not always the cheapest

Although we tend to think otherwise, buying roundtrip does not have to be the cheapest. Sometimes it is cheaper to go with one airline and return with another.

Or multi-destination trips, in which you arrive in one city and return from another.

On the trip I was saying before, for example, I went to Amsterdam (via Brussels) and returned from London. find cheap flights

8. Beware of LowCost companies

You have to read the fine print well. Most low-cost companies have strict baggage policies and in some such, like Ryanair, Vueling, or AirAsia it can be very expensive to have you check in your hand luggage at the boarding gate. If you do not comply with the measures, add it in the purchase process (almost all allow to do it also later). find cheap flights

Note: For Latin American readers, “check-in a suitcase” is the same as “dispatch the suitcase.”

10. Delete cookies and incognito window

I still do this from time to time, but the truth is, I’m not quite sure if it works.

10 + 1. Find everything you can

It is the best secret to find cheap flights. Follow all the tips above, try all the combinations you can think of and when you find the perfect flight … Buy it!

Best Skyscanner Tools

Skyscanner is a metasearch engine. Compare prices between many companies and search engines, giving you the best options ordered by price. It has several utilities that save us a lot of work.

The cheapest price of the month or year.
Perfect for whom the data is not a problem. You choose the point of departure and arrival and it shows you all the prices. Even visually, with a graphic.

Go to «Anywhere»

That you have a few days off and you don’t know where to go? Then choose the city of departure and write “anywhere”. It will show you all the destinations ordered from the cheapest to the most expensive. find cheap flights

Activate price alerts

And if you don’t want to be checking prices every day, you can create an alert for a specific trip. In this way, they notify you by email if there is any change.

Take advantage of search filters

You are not willing to do more than one stopover? Well, you select it in the filter panel on the left and, automatically, it does not show them to you.

You can customize the search to your liking by selecting: maximum stopover time, leaving or arriving before a certain time, or even eliminating certain airlines if you have a hobby for one. find cheap flights

Redirection to the company selling the flight

Remember that Skyscanner is a search engine, that is, they do not sell the flight. They order the prices you have found and redirect you to the corresponding airline or agency: Edeams, Rumbo, Travelgenio, Gotogate, etc. And it is they who sell it to you.

Whenever I can, I buy it directly with the airline. Since the after-sales service is usually better. Anyway, sometimes I have used Edreams or Rumbo and have never had any problems. find cheap flights

And… up to here, all the tips to find a lot of cheap flights!

Do you have any more tips? Leave it in the comments.

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