Most Beautiful Place To Visit In Indonesia – Must Read Before To Travel

With over 18000 islands, Indonesia is the largest land in the world. The island nation is home to 167 active volcanoes, far more than the other country, and has some of the biggest remaining tracts of tropical forest anyplace within the world. Indonesia is each a leisure seeker’s dream and Associate in Nursing adventurer’s playground. Whether you’re trying to bronze on beautiful beaches, hike in search of vulnerable orangutang, or snorkel among a number of the foremost beautiful coral reefs on Earth, this country has something for everybody. Here’s a glance at the most effective places to visit in Indonesia: Beautiful place in Indonesia

Raja Ampat Islands.

An island cluster on the northwestern tip of Papua island, Raja Ampat is one of the most sensational diving destinations in Indonesia. Meaning ‘Four Kings’, Raja Ampat is made up of 4 major jungle-clad islands surrounded by turquoise lagoons and palm-fringed beaches along with thousands of smaller islands. The land is well known for its rich marine life and underwater coral reefs. These islands also are home to spectacular beaches, with shallow blue waters and fine white sand. Lagoons offer protection from the wind and a special place to relax in paradise. Beautiful place in Indonesia


Located at the north of the island of Sulawesi, Bunaken is one of all Indonesia’s most famous dive and skin-dive destination. The island is a component of the Bunaken Marine Park where you’ll see over seventieth of all fish species that sleep in the western Pacific Ocean. By and enormous, the diving spots area unit geared toward advanced diverse with robust swimming skills. However, increasing in quality is snorkeling in the shallower coral reefs nearer to the shoreline. Beautiful place in Indonesia

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