How To Get Post Graduation Work Permit PGWP In Canada

Hi everyone, we are going to talk about the post-graduation work permit. So are you about to finish your program of studies in Canada or are planning to come to Canada as an AI student? This article is for you it is completely understandable that if you came to study in Canada. PGWP In Canada
You decided to stay a little longer and especially to retain Canadian work experience. So in this article, we are going to give very useful information and everything that you need to know about postgraduate work. Part the first thing that you need to know is that a postgraduation work permit is an authorization for you to work in Canada.


Upon graduation may be issued for the duration of eight months to up to three years depending on the duration of your program of stays. PGWP In Canada

Canada open work permit 2020

So if your plan of studies was between eight months to less than two years your post-graduation work permit your authorization to work in Canada is going to be issued for the same duration as your program of stays. if your program of studies it is for two years or more you are going to receive three years of post-graduation work permits. So who can apply for the postgraduation work permit first you need to have studied full-time in Canada. Your program of studies has to be for a minimum of eight months of duration. PGWP In Canada

You need to have studied continuously without breaks. Only the scheduled breaks from theUniversity are allowed. So you can not take any additional break and also your institution needs to be it’s ignited learning situation. you can consult your institution it is a learned institution in the link that we’re going to leave in the description. you are not eligible for the post-graduation work permit. If your problem of status was not full-time. PGWP In Canada

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