How to Choose Travel Insurance in 2020

Today I  discourse About Travel Insurance. When it comes to travel insurance, yes, it’s all a little bit different, but there are typically four main types that you should be looking for. I’ll briefly break down each category into simple human terms so you can get an idea of what’s covered and what you should be looking for, so you can get as much coverage as you need without paying any more than you need to. (Music)All companies are different in what they will cover and how much they will cover.

This Article is a generalization of what may be included in each category and potential exclusions you should be on the lookout for.I’m hoping my stories will be a way to convince you to get travel insurance without having to lecture you on the fact that you should get travel insurance, which you really should. At least medical, please get medical. Which is the first one we will cover? Emergency medical coverage can reimburse you for the costs associated with medical treatment for an illness or injury while you are outside of your home country.

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This can include coverage for the medication you need, the treatment you have to get, the hospital stay, and even the ambulance that’s going to get you to that hospital. I was hiking in the Rocky Mountains with a friend from Australia…He had travel insurance, thank god. But we were up there10 hours into the hike. He ended up in a rockslide, broke his legend had to be airlifted by a helicopter off the mountain. That helicopter ride alone would have been thousands of dollars that he thankfully did not have to pay for.

You’ll want to read your policy very carefully’cause there are a lot of exceptions to what’s going to be covered and circumstances where things won’t be covered. It’s often not covered if something happens and you’ve been taking recreational drugs or alcohol. So, if you drank too much and you have alcohol poisoning, you might not be covered. Another exclusion is any preexisting condition that is not stable or under control.

A preexisting condition is an injury, illness, disease, or other medical condition, that occurs prior to travel for which you’ve had symptoms and sought a diagnosis, medical treatment, and are on a new prescription or there’s been a change in your prescription. The key here is that it’s something known. So, if you book a physical one week before your trip, and then your doctor diagnoses you with high blood pressure and you have a complication with this high blood pressure while you’re on your trip, you may not be covered.

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However, if you went on that trip, didn’t have the physical before, didn’t know you had high blood pressure and had a complication with it, you probably would be covered. If you are not having any health concerns, you may not want to go for your checkup right before your trip. So that’s a risk you have to weigh the pros and cons and make the decision for yourself. Obviously, any nonemergency medical events, if you go to the doctor for a checkup while you’re abroad, not going to be covered. Also, every policy is a little bit different from what activities are and aren’t covered.

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