Singapore Travel Guide-Best Place, Hotel and Cost

Today we are visiting yeah, Singapore. In this article today I’m going to tell you all about the budget trips in Singapore. You’ll know where to stay, what to eat, what to buy, and what to visit. let’s begin. I’m flying from Dhaka Bangladesh to Singapore with one of my friends.

After immigration for breakfast, we have entered the EBL Sky Lounge. Basically here per head cost is 28 US dollars but it is free for me and also I can bring one guest with me for absolutely free because I have EBL Platinum Card. Singapore Travel Guide

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We enjoyed a buffet breakfast here then we reached our plane. It is Bangladesh Biman Airlines. I purchased a one-way ticket to Singapore. It did cost around 21,000 Banglataka BDT which is around 250 US dollars the good thing about Biman is I can choose my seat position. Definitely I choose the window on the side. I’m sorry for my poor English but we have got lots of subscribers from around the world so I preferred to narrate this vlog in English as much I can. Finally, the plane started its journey just at 8:30 takes almost 5 hours from Dhaka to Singapore. It is a direct flight. Singapore Travel Guide

I am watching Dhaka city from the sky. At first, they gave us a welcome drink there is a digital screen on every seat is watching movies now then they gave us lunch. In this set, there is a pastry, a bun and I got chicken biryani and it’s damn hot. Here have found chicken curry an egg omelet and potato after finishing Biryani I tasted the pastry. Comparing to other flightsBiman is to be very good because they have an audio system in every seat they provide a microphone, you can charge your mobile by this USB port and there is a screen where you can see now where you are? If you like Bangla drama you can watch finally we have reached Singapore, this is Changi International Airports all passengers are now going for immigration. It was quick. Singapore Travel Guide

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We came out of immigration now we are here you’ll like this place there is a giant insect, just near you’ll find a mobile SIM. We have purchased one SIM from SingTel it was off 15 Singapore dollars which is in Bangla taka around 900 BDT then I have used grab here. You’ll not get uber service so I am using the grab to get a car. I got this car on the ground floor from Singapore Airport to reach my hotel. Singapore Travel Guide

It did cost around 15 Singaporean dollars which are again almost 900 Bangla takaI’ll give you Hotel details at the end of this vlog. In Singapore, I almost found no scam which is good, but still, I prefer to grab for local transport rather than getting in a taxi, because of it’s GPS service and exact rate. So after reaching the hotel we have taken some food this is egg Parata, orange juice, and watermelon juice.

Each juice did cost around 2 Singapore dollars which is almost like 120 Bangla taka and this eggpairata which is also called roti telurkanai did cost around 1.5 Singapore dollars is less than 100 taka. You need to know that, one Singapore dollar is equivalent to 61 Plus Bangla taka. For all local transport, we have always preferred Grab. Singapore Travel Guide

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It is better you install the grab App using your local Singapore mobile number. Now we have reached Merlion Park maybe Merlion means mermaid plus lion this park you don’t need to pay for any ticket’s free just come here and walk around get the beauty of Singapore to take yourself here. I’ll suggest you come here at 5 p.m. so that you can also see the beauty when the Sun Goes Down here. You may take a boat ride. Here you see the famous Merlion monument which is the official mascot of Singapore. You have seen my intro here, now see how I did it!hello friends this is an Afghani Rana from best Tour and Food. Singapore Travel Guide

Today I am visiting Singapore when the sun goes down it is suggested that you start to walk from Merlion to the Marina Bay Sands Tower there you’ll see lots more. during the walk, you’ll find the Fullerton Bay Hotel. just opposite this hotel you’ll find a nice sculpture of a man just give a pose like it and take a photo now the city is glowing like bright stars and the reflection on the river will give you a heavenly view. After walking 15 minutes we have reached the famous Marina Bay tower. Singapore Travel Guide

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Just in front of the tower, there is a dancing fountain you give some free time then get inside the shopping mall of Marina BaySands. Finally, at night, we have reached our hotel area.

It is in Little India that will always suggest you stay in the little India area or just near MustafaCentre. There you see the Muslim Center road and here is our Penta Hotel. This hotel cost around 50 USD per night which is approximately 4000 Bangla taka. Two-person can stay in one room if you want a luxury hotel you can stay at the Park Hotel just opposite the Penta hotel. This will cost around a hundred US dollars. Singapore Travel Guide

If you prefer an Indian hotel you can stay here at Royal Indian Hotel which is just beside the Mustafa Centre and here is the Indian restaurant if you prefer Indian food. In Mustafa Centre, there is Mustafa cafe. Here also you can enjoy the food. But if you are from Bangladesh and looking for Bangladeshi foods, just go to the opposite road of Mustafa Centre. If you walk on this road you’ll find many other Bangladeshi restaurants for dinner we chose one restaurant. It is known as Dhaka Restaurant. This mutton Biryani did cost only six Singaporean dollars. It is cheap actually. Singapore Travel Guide

That means 350 Bangla Taka. Also, we enjoyed the beef curry. In total, the cost was twelve Singapore dollars today these are all.for this Article. In the next article, we will take you to Chinatown and also to the garden by the Bay, The Universal StudioArea of Santosa and finally, we will show you the mini sea beach at Sentosa. So wait for our next Singapore Article. Singapore Travel Guide

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