Singapore Travel Guide-Best Place, Hotel and Cost

Today we are visiting yeah, Singapore. In this article today I’m going to tell you all about the budget trips in Singapore. You’ll know where to stay, what to eat, what to buy, and what to visit. let’s begin. I’m flying from Dhaka Bangladesh to Singapore with one of my friends.

After immigration for breakfast, we have entered the EBL Sky Lounge. Basically here per head cost is 28 US dollars but it is free for me and also I can bring one guest with me for absolutely free because I have EBL Platinum Card. Singapore Travel Guide

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We enjoyed a buffet breakfast here then we reached our plane. It is Bangladesh Biman Airlines. I purchased a one-way ticket to Singapore. It did cost around 21,000 Banglataka BDT which is around 250 US dollar the good thing about Biman is I can choose my seat position. Definitely I choose the window the side. I’m sorry for my poor English but we have got lots of subscribers from around the world so I preferred to narrate this vlog in English as much I can. Finally, the plane started its journey just at 8:30 takes almost 5 hours from Dhaka to Singapore. It is a direct flight. Singapore Travel Guide

I am watching Dhaka city from the sky. At first, they gave us a welcome drink there is a digital screen on every seat is watching movies now then they gave us lunch. In this set, there is a pastry, a bun and I got chicken biryani and it’s damn hot. Here have found chicken curry an egg omelet and potato after finishing Biryani I tasted the pastry. Comparing to other flightsBiman is to be very good because they have an audio system in every seat they provide a microphone, you can charge your mobile by this USB port and there is a screen where you can see now where you are? If you like Bangla drama you can watch finally we have reached Singapore, this is Changi International Airports all passengers are now going for immigration. It was quick. Singapore Travel Guide

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