Canada open work permit 2020

I have always been trying to give a kind of information that is very rare and unknown to the general public in our country people who’re my Reader to be given information that is not available in the general market. So that they can prevent themselves from getting involved in any kind of fraud. Canada Work PermitSo that when they discuss with someone about visas. They should have enough sound knowledge that the person dealing with them, Will come to know that it is hard or impossible to do fraud with these people.


In the last few days, I have been hearing about open work permit in Canada. A lot of people worked on this, most of the people who worked on this were those who didn’t even know about the work permit. That what actually an open work permit is and what kind of people can apply.And which country’s open work permit was? it is for Canada. A lot of agents looted ordinary people in the name of open work permit. Canada Work Permit

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It is a kind of work permit that is not job-specific. This means you don’t need an actual job. Due to the fact that it is not job-specific so that’s why. So LMIA ( labor market impact assessment ) is not required. From where the labor market impact assessment is done? Employment and social development, it is approved. Another thing is that you don’t need proof that your employer submitted this application through the employer portal and paid a specific fee. So you should understand that it is not all job-specific means no job is mentioned on this permit. Neither it is not job-specific So LMIA ( labor market impact assessment ) is not required that is approved Employment and social development. Canada Work Permit

Nor it is required that your employer applied through the portal, and paid a fee for this Telling you that who are these people are their employer outside of Canada?Means from Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh or any other country they apply for an open work permit? I will simply tell you that outside of Canada there can’t be any open work permit. As I’ve told you earlier that these 2 things are mandatory for an open work permit. So only people residing in Canada can apply. Who are these people? This means there is an International Student who has done graduation from Canada.From any designated Learning Institute. So he is eligible for the post-graduation work permit. And yes he can apply for an open work permit.

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And who’s the next one? A student who can’t fulfill his cost of studies. He can show proof that he is finding it difficult to meet the financial cost of studies and need to do work in order to continue with his/her studies.and can surely apply for an open work permit.

As you know there is no specific work in this. So there are very few chances of him/her getting abused. Like when people go on work permit their employees to abuse them. Not in the sense that they abuse them verbally but mean they pay them less for more workload, have more working hours. Things that are not mentioned in the work permit, are also being asked them to do. Canada Work Permit


Those people can apply who have applied for PR of Canada while living in Canada. They can also get an open work permit. Or those people who are dependant on a person who has applied for PRFamily member of PR applier can also apply for an open work permit. Who else can apply? A spouse can apply for a PR holder. The spouse of an Internation Student can apply for an open work permit.OR common LAW partner can also apply to someone who has come to Canada under the Atlantic immigration pilot program. Canada Work Permit

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He himself or his common-law partner can apply. Or someone who has gained refugee status or had applied for refugees already apply for an open work permit. And after that and then those who have an unenforceable removal order from court order are eligible to apply. There is another order called force-able removal order, in that case, you cannot apply for an open work permit. In which police catch the person and deport from the country but on the other hand unenforceable removal order, they can do so is not given a specific deadline to leave the country on a certain date. He is only asked to leave the country, also he is imposed on any restriction by the government. This kind of status holder can apply for an open work permit. Canada Work Permit

Or temporary resident permit holder or someone who has applied for TRP.or someone who already has TRP.Can get this. Some young workers who went to Canada under a special program like means some NGO brought them to Canada for 6 months or maybe a year. they can get for an open work permit. All these things that I’ve told you according to my thoughts a normal person who has little knowledge about things, and he is exposed to these kinds of information he can finally understand that whether he can apply for this visa or not? According to me if you listen to this audio properly, at least you will get to know that,

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That those people can apply for an open work permit who is within the territories of Canada. Any person from outside of Canada can never apply for this open work permit neither it has any job specified, nor it has any employer. Also, no LMIA is required. If you still can’t understand a thing, you can ask me on the given numbers. And ask from my staff during office hours 9 am to 5:30 Pm +5.30 pm (Pakistan Time)And if still, you can’t understand anything. Canada Work Permit


You contact me on my number that is shown on the screen also has WhatsApp, will be replying there as well. Leave your message with full details, your profile, your wishing country you want to apply in. If necessary you can also send a voice recording as well. Inshallah, I will try to reply to you. And If I think that you need to come to my office, then I will give you an appointment as well. Canada Work Permit

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