Australian Student VISA Apply Step By Step

Today’s visa process has also been divided into 4 parts so well explain all 4 to you clearly which would cover the entire process so if you have any further doubts about it then comment it down so. now let’s start without any further delay! The first step in the visa process is getting your COECOE to stand for confirmation of enrollment so this document is provided to you by colleges and universities after you apply in them. Australian Student VISA

So before applying, you must select your course because you won’t admission unless you get a course! Every university has its representatives in foreign countries like our uni had offices in Delhi and Mumbai and also some education fairs and events. So you can directly contact them regarding the same or just get hold of an agent or third party agencies hire them to assist your enrolment process. So once you have selected the course, then comes giving IELTS (or PTE)and you can give IELTSbefore applying or getting the COEbecause IELTS result is a mandatory thing to get the COE, ok? Australian Student VISA

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Apart from IELTS, your financial documents would be required to analyze how much you can spend or how much is your paying capacity separate video is up for that matter as there are a lot of documents and if you even miss one of them it’s gonna hinder your visa application process. So COE and financial documents are very critical also, COE would be given to you only when you would pay the fees of the first semester. Some units ask for the whole year’s fees at the beginning, but our uni asked for the payment only for the first semester and we’ll see the rest later. Australian Student VISA

So these were some basic things which are needed in order to get your COE and only once you get your COE you would be able to progress further into the VISA processing in your COEimportant stuff is mentioned like your confirmation as a student, its like evidence that you are a student of the university. This COE would be required multiple times at the immigration on the airports, also a copy of it would be attached with the VISA for immigration purposes and apart from this your date of commencement of the course would be mentioned along with starting and ending date whatever the details related to your course are, it would be mentioned in the COEWhen you would be applying in colleges or whichever university, they’ll need mark sheets of your graduation or your 12th classes that is also a mandatory document. Australian Student VISA

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And sometimes the agents, just beware they sometimes charge you for the COE as well. Even though they contact the uni on your behalf the university doesn’t charge anything for giving out the COESo if your agent charges you even for the COE that’s a scam and stay away from it. Now that you have the COE, the next step up is getting student insurance. It’s the law of the Australian govt that any student coming from overseas must have this insurance with them. The name of that insurance isOSHC, an overseas student health cover. This is a mandatory thing. Australian Student VISA

Some companies which do this insurance are Bupa, Metlife, AIG. Ours was from Bupaand if I talk about the costs, it ranges between Rs 60-65Kwhich most students opt for. If you want to do for more than the base amount you can go as high as you wish and depends totally on you and how much safe do you wanna be. Another important thing is that if you don’t have a COE, you won’t be eligible to apply for OSHC, and neither any further visa process. Next up is the SOP.(statement of purpose)This is a written document that is sent to the college and the visa immigration office. Now, what is included in this document? Australian Student VISA

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Basically, you explain in a paragraph your general details, course-related information, family background, educational background financial status, as in your paying capacity and reasons about why are you coming to Australia? Why this particular college? Why this particular course? Why aren’t you doing the same course in your home country? Why not any other country like Canada? Many similar questions like these are included in the SOP. Australian Student VISA

Another important thing, SOP is a very detailed topic like many people keep asking us how to write a SOPand how to frame it so we would be coming up with a separate video very shortly as this is one topic due to which visas can be rejected. So we will try to come up with a video ASAPSo now you have your COE, you have applied for your OSHCand you have framed your SOP as well and submitted to the visa office and your university. Now we would talk about the final step which is applying for the VISA.

You can apply for the visa individually as well by going on the Australian home affairs website and creating an account and through that, you can apply for the visa, can track your visa, which class visa is it if you don’t wanna do these all by your yourself then just hire an agent and he would handle all of this on your behalf. Now after you apply for the visa one thing has a 50-50 chance of your medical test. Now I personally had a medical test, my friend too had it but many of my friends who went to Sydney and Brisbane did not have a medical test. Australian Student VISA

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So it depends on the university if they need a medical test or not biometric medical test, very normal nothing to ponder or worry about will come up with a separate medical video as well as it’s very detailed and lengthy like it can easily take up 6 to 8 hours another point related to your medical due to this pandemic in the country and the world, all the upcoming intake irrespective of it being July or November or FebMedical is going to be a compulsory thing obviously health is at risk so keep that in mind and we would explain this in our next article. Australian Student VISA

So now that all steps are done, you applied for your visa2 important questions arise which visa cost and visa processing time. Talking about the cost first so it would depend on the subclass of your visaUsually the student visa is subclass 500 if I’m not wrong, make sure you cross-check it so whichever your subclass would be, the cost would be dependant on that.

AS far as I remember our cost was roughly around AUD 600to AUD 635 for our subclasses I said its total dependant on the subclass, you can check the exact cost on the Australian home affairs website links are in the description next up, how much time does it take for the visa to arrive? Australian Student VISA

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When we came, last year we applied in December 2019, that time in spite of everything being normal it took around a month or more for my visa to arrive. Due to this COVID 19visa processing times have significantly increased depending on your luck it may arrive within a week or might even take up to 2 months keep this time frame in mind, let’s say your intake is in Feb do not apply any later than Novembercoz just in case the visa gets delayed and your course start date passes by, chances are your visa becomes useless. Therefore it is better to apply for your visa as early as you can because of this situation in 2020visas are being delayed and again it’s your luck that plays a part in your visa arrival. Australian Student VISA

So keep that in mind and this was an entire visa process overview of what actually it is in 4 parts. So guys this was an overview video about the entire visa process. We divided this into 4 parts so you guys as applying students might get some help. This was an overview because these 4 topics are so detailed that a separate video can be made on them. Especially the financial documents that are required because even if one document goes missing or becomes fraudulent, or becomes wrong you would be the one responsible. VISA cancel! You won’t get it in the future as well. Australian Student VISA

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