Cheapest Hotel Room Rates Go to Agents

We’re discussing here The Cheapest Hotel Room Rates Go to Agents. If you are traveling with a regularity you will undoubtedly notice how expensive hotels are these days. Countless reasons driving rates are high in the sky. Travel is becoming more common in our society, pushing demand to its highest levels, and communities are embracing new and expensive “entertainment taxes” in the lodging industry.

Not surprisingly, everyone is looking for cheaper hotel room rates. Online debates and “name your own price” services that connect with the consolidation of customers’ homes are incredibly popular. Yet, most people will never really find the cheapest prices in a hotel room. These rates are reserved for travel agents!

The Cheapest Hotel Room

The travel industry pumps more than $4 trillion annually into the economy, and a large part of that spending is made with the help and encouragement of travel agencies. As a result, the lodging industry tries its best to take care of its “support network” by awarding agents with the best possible rates and bonuses.

One expert argues that the travel and tourism industry treats travel agents as “royalty”. The industry relies on agents for a significant portion of its overall business and does its best to keep agents on its good side. Treating an agent like VIP improves the likelihood of returning that agent to a given hotel property – at a much higher rate than an “internal” stretch person. Cheapest Hotel Room Rates Go to Agents

So, if you are looking for cheaper hotel room rates, become a travel agent. It’s very easy

It may sound ridiculous, but it really isn’t. Becoming a travel agent is a fast and painless way to secure a host of low-cost rates and amazing travel-related discounts. At least one online system promises to turn its shoppers into licensed travel agents in just twenty minutes (and all that applies).

 Hotel Room Rates Go to Agents

You don’t have to sell travel to others to be a licensed agent. You can maintain your position while using deep discounts and other benefits only for yourself. However, many “amateur” agents use their licensing to sell travel opportunities to friends, family and others as part-time businesses. Some find that being an agent is so lucrative and enjoyable that they make it a full-time career. Cheapest Hotel Room Rates Go to Agents

The costs associated with learning how to become a licensed travel agent are minimal. When comparing “rack rates” for holidays and accommodations, learning to be an agent would seem like an obvious choice. Can recover the money involved


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